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Thursday, November 21, 2013

No Shave November

Alexander Graham Bell,
Smithsonian Institution Archives,
Negative Number: MAH-58254.
John Wesley Powell,
Smithsonian Institution Archives, 
Negative Number: MAH-58254.

You may have noticed that some of the men in your life have been sporting much more facial hair than usual these days. Guys everywhere have abandoned the clean shaven look not because it is playoff time, but because it is November. In the past few years, November has not only become known for Thanksgiving and football, but for beards, mustaches and goatees. “No shave November” is an annual event, where guys grow facial hair for a variety of charities. So gentlemen, while the month is in full swing and by now you have probably gone past the stubble phase, you might need some ideas on how to style your new look. Well, the Smithsonian is the place for you! Within the Smithsonian Institution’s collections you can find inspiring beards, mustaches and goatees. We even have a dedicated Pinterest board to Smithsonian ‘Staches.

Happy ‘Staching!

Courtney Bellizzi
Smithsonian Institution Archives

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