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Monday, April 16, 2012

Sneak Peek from the Stacks: Parlez-vous français? French Language in the Garden

A quick survey of the Garden Club of America Collection at the Archives of American Gardens yields thousands of images showcasing features like parterres, espaliers, and allées. To the seasoned gardener, these terms are commonplace and discussed with ease. To the novice just beginning to sift through the language of gardens, however, these terms may be a curious sight. Due to their immense gardening influence over time, we have the French to thank for so many gardening terms that have become second nature to us.   

Richard Felber, photographer. 2007.
Frazier Reams, photographer. 2000.
 Nancy D. Etheridge, photographer. 2002.
Other gardening terms we Américains have adopted from the French language include: 
  • jardinere
  • tuteur
  • orangerie
  • niche
  • chaise longue
Andrew Harris, 2012 Winter/Spring Intern
Archives of American Gardens
Smithsonian Gardens

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