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Friday, March 16, 2012

Artists and Models

Francis Vandeveer Kughler in his studio with a model standing beside "Charles II and the Lord Proprieters", 1960, J0001771

I recently came across the above Peter A. Juley & Son photograph which made me do a double take. At first glance I thought the photo depicted artist Francis Vandeveer Kughler in his studio standing next to one of his paintings. After looking over the photograph and catalog record more closely, I realized that there is also a model (dressed as a Lord Proprietor) standing between Kughler and the painting. Something about the lighting of the photograph (and my vivid imagination) reminds me of what might have been (or should have been) a Twilight Zone episode where a painting comes to life.

Fun to imagine for a moment... okay, back to reality.

Since I love these types of behind the scenes photographs, I did a keyword search in SIRIS for similar Juley images and came up with these other wonderful photos of artists and their models or sitters.

Molly Guion in her studio at work on "Pearly Queen"
Paul Trebilcock with sitter Oscar Tschirky

Selma Burke at work in her studio with sitter   
Sergei Konenkov in his studio with sitter

Want to see more?  Check out more artist and model/sitter photos here.

Emily Moazami, Photograph Archives, Research & Scholars Center, Smithsonian American Art Museum

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