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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Season's Greetings from the National Anthropological Archives!!!

Acee Blue Eagle papers, 08778100n
The holidays are a great time to connect or even re-connect with family and friends. If getting together in person isn't always possible, a card can be a simple way to send best wishes for a new season and new year.  Well, simple if you actually get those cards signed, sealed, stamped and to the post office.  Staring at an unopened box with a 50% off sticker from the after-season sale when you decided you would finally become one of those people who sends out holiday cards, just isn’t as effective.

Whichever category you find yourself in, I hope you enjoy this selection of greeting cards from the papers of renowned Native American Artist, Acee Blue Eagle. In addition to the cards by Blue Eagle, the collection contains a few charming examples of those created by fellow artists such as Al Momaday, Brummett Echohawk and Fred Beaver. Exchanging handcrafted cards--now that really ups the ante, doesn't it? 

Acee Blue Eagle Papers, 08777501 and 08777501b, front and inside of card

Acee Blue Eagle Papers, unnum 137 and unnum 137b, front and inside of card

So, to all of our readers, I'd like to say happy holidays and season's greetings (and this didn't even require a return address label)!
Acee Blue Eagle Papers, (L to R clockwise) unnum 123, 08778600, unnum 121, unnum 57
Jennifer Murray, National Anthropological Archives

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