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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mud Season!

While some of us eagerly await spring, others (in the northeast) dread the onset of Mud Season.  Waterproof (aka mud proof) boots are a necessity and must always be left outside or in the “mud” room if one is fortunate to have one.  Mud splashes and gets all over one's clothing and exposed skin.  Mud is everywhere--Mud is unseemly.  It is well known, however, that frogs love mud.  So do hippos.  And even many humans relish mud's therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Cleopatra, it is said, pampered herself with mud baths. Reputedly mud excels in relieving stress and body aches, as well as beautifying the skin.  And if beauty is embodied in Japan’s Geisha, then proof of a mud bath’s appeal can be found in this charming archival film from the Human Studies Film Archives.

Clip from HSFA 93.25.2  Japan: Promotional and Theatrical Footage, ca. 1927

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