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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Society of American Archivists

Aerial View of the Mall, 1954
Smithsonian Institution Archives

This week archivists have poured in to Washington, D.C. for the annual Society of American Archivists Conference. For one week discussions, poster sessions, round tables and lectures will spur on new ideas an collaborations in the archival world. Many Smithsonian staff are participating in this event. One of them is Lynda Schmitz-Fuhrig, an electronic archivist, with the Smithsonian Institution Archives. She recently has wrote a blog for the Bigger Picture on what it means to be an electronic archivists and the challenges she faces. Or scroll through the SIRIS blog's "Best of 100 Post" to see some of the highlights of our contributors. So in celebration of all of the dedicated archivists who contribute to this blog and others check out some of the stories across the Institution to learn a little more about what they do!

Courtney Esposito, Institutional History Division, Smithsonian Institution Archives

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