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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

With Notebook in Hand

With summer fast approaching and the school year near its end, here's a little inspiration for your summer vacation plans: "With Notebook in Hand", a beautiful and charming travelogue by the Kreznar Family.

Amateur filmmaker Frank Kreznar made films of numerous trips taken with his wife, Sonia, who often recorded sound while Frank was filming. On a roadtrip from Wisconsin to Florida around 1959, the Kreznars collaborated with their youngest daughter, Vivian, to create a travelogue told from her point of view.

The Kreznars visit tourist traps, explore the beauty of the Everglades, and camp out in full retro style. All their adventures are captured on beautiful 16mm Kodachrome and narrated with sincerity and wit.

What will you do on your summer vacation?

Karma Foley, Human Studies Film Archives

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