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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

'Tis the season (again)

As I look around this office this week I notice a thinning of the ranks. The snow may be receding and the weather may more springlike but the virus season is back! In honor of fallen comrades - prostrate, prone, supine or just plain out of sorts, I'd like to present the following poem:

For Sis After A Rheumy Matutinal Conversation

Tell me, whence doth mucus come?

From the head or from the tum?

Damn it, must we pet the sinus,

Sluice it, pray and thus resign us?

Or does our gastric garbage wed,

Within the lung, the phlegmy head?

Decapitation or glottal mayhem

Perhaps might quell our sonic A.M.

- Dr. Billygoat

a.k.a. Hassoldt (Bill) Davis, adventurer, author, photographer and filmmaker.
Look for the finding aid to the Papers of Hassoldt Davis this summer!

Daisy Njoku, Human Studies Film Archives

1 comment:

  1. What a riot! I've definitely noticed the sniffles have come back on the Metro! Looking forward to more...