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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Poised and Posed

American Art's photograph archives are not exclusive to images of artwork and gallery views. A quick keyword search will find images of artist studios as well as portraits of the artists themselves. Most are staged, or closely resembling a classic portrait, while others are more candid, offering a glimpse into the personalities of those who were usually more comfortable behind an easel than in front of a camera.

Inspired by school yearbooks, some of my favorite portraits from the Walter Rosenblum collection and the Peter A. Juley & Son collection. I’d love to get the story on whether it was the sitter or the photographer who decided on each pose...

Lucile Blanch
Yasuo Kuniyoshi
Ari M. Roussimoff
Betti Richard
Shinji Ishikawa
Charles White
Gwen Lux
Jose de Creeft
Bianca Todd

Rachel Brooks | Photograph Archives | Smithsonian American Art Museum

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