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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Picture Day Take Two

Entomological Staff, c. 1905, SIA, SIA2011-0103
It’s that time of year again when teachers and kids head back to school.  Backpacks and lunchboxes are filled and picture day is just around the corner. Picture day is always filled with a mix of excitement and anxiety. You need to make sure you have the greatest outfit, a sweet hairdo, and never forget to double-check the form before handing it to the photographer to make sure that your chosen background, whether neon pink laser or forest scene (popular when I was in school), is absolutely perfect. After you nailed that part of the day, the next challenge is the class picture. It is very important to make sure you get a good spot with your friends and not be too close to the teacher.  Though that is not as much of a concern for Smithsonian staff, we have certainly taken our fair share of class pictures over the years.

Anthropology Staff, 1904, SIA, NAA-42012
A few years ago we shared some of our favorite Smithsonian staff class pictures with you.  And though we may not get a pop up bulletin board to act as our backdrop (at least not all the time), we still have to figure out who gets to stand where and who gets the coveted seat option, and we have some really neat backgrounds!  So, for your viewing pleasure check out the fun photos of Smithsonian staff throughout the years and see if you get some outfit inspiration for you own memorable look.
Zoo Employees, c. 1920,
SIA, 2003-19492
SI Photographers at Vietnam Veterans Memorial,
1986, SIA, 86-12516-3

National Collection of Fine Arts
Staff, c. 1965, SIA, 

National Museum of the American Indian Staff,
New York City, 1990, by Karen Furth,
SIA, SIA2011-1103

Smithsonian Staff, 2010, by Eric Long,
Smithsonian Institution

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