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Friday, February 8, 2013

Sneak Peek from the Stacks: Photo Identification from Twitterverse

Montezuma Cypress in Chapultec Park. January 1937. Edward Van Altena, colorist.
Each week, we feature an image from the Archives of American Gardens on the Smithsonian Gardens Facebook and Twitter accounts and occasionally, we post an unidentified image from the collections. Yesterday, we posted the above image of a majestic tree somewhere in Mexico. Thanks to our very helpful Twitter followers, we now have a positive identification -- a Montezuma Cypress (also known as Ahuehuete of Moctezuma, El Sargento or Centinela), located in Chapultec Park in Mexico City. Here is one of the links (from Flickr) which confirmed the identification of the tree, which is sadly now a mere shadow of its former glory. 

See more unidentified treasures in the archives, please visit our Mystery Gardens page. 

Kelly Crawford
Museum Specialist
Smithsonian Gardens

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