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Friday, July 27, 2012

Sneak Peek from the Stacks: Summer Games Edition

As Olympics participants and the City of London prepare for the opening ceremony this weekend, a few sporty images from our photo archives:   

Take Him Out, George Bellows, 1906

L. Waterbury at Polo, George Luks, 1913

And a bit of Olympic trivia…since its inaugural year in 1896, at least 14 sports have been officially dropped from the Summer Games; among them a few surprising, given their popularity outside of the Olympic Games (baseball, rugby and polo), and a few amusing (tug-of-war, tandem bicycle). Sporting events that have been eliminated from the Games can often be reinstated though, following an appeal to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). For fans of rugby and golf, both will be making reappearances in the 2016 Games (they were first eliminated in 1924 and 1904, respectively), and there are plans for a proposal that could revive baseball for summer 2020. Sadly, to date, there have been no proposals filed with the IOC to bring back tug-of-war.

Enjoy the Games!

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